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If your property is suffering with black spot mould it would be prudent to have a thorough survey completed by DAMPX.

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DAMPX condensation control

We offer a wide variety of solutions from humidity-controlled extractors, single room heat recovery, increasing surface temperatures and more.

Our surveyors use thermal imaging cameras and hygrometers to show you why your property is suffering with condensation. For complex cases we may leave data loggers to monitor the required data.

Why is condensation a thing?

We’re humans, we produce tonnes of vapour every single day. Think about it for a minute, you use the bath or shower, you cook, clean, dry clothes, BREATH! We’re constantly adding to the moisture within our properties. Winter months are typically when homeowners notice condensation. The temperate has dropped outside, we batten down the hatches, close our windows and doors so we’re reducing the ventilation and unknowingly producing the perfect environment for condensation.

How does condensation occur?

Imagine water vapour as tiny particles in the air. Warm air can hold onto more water vapour particles then cooler air. When warm moisture-laden air comes into contact with a cooler surface it cools the air.

At this point the air can no longer hold the water vapour and it condenses turning to liquid form. Resolving condensation problems has everything to do with ventilation, temperature, and air pressure.

How common is condensation?

VERY! Although we couldn’t put a figure on how many cases of condensation we’ve been to, the figure would be very high. It’s not uncommon for us to attend a property to complete a survey whereby the client has been told their property is suffering with rising damp when in fact the problem is condensation.

This is welcome news for the client of course as the cost of repair is a typically a fraction of that quoted for rising damp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a report following a survey?
Please allow 48 hours. If you require the report ASAP, please make this known at the time of booking the survey.
How soon can you complete a survey?
We can typically visit your property within a week. We will always try to visit sooner if required.
Do you offer insurance backed guarantees?
All specialist work completed by DAMPX are covered by guarantees.
Can you collect keys for a survey?
We will always try our best to make the process as smooth as possible. If that means collecting keys, no problem.
You’ve given me a quote, how long is this valid for?
All quotes are valid for three months.

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