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Damp surveys can be a bit of a minefield. A legitimate survey will follow BS 6576 and diagnosis following BRE digest 245.

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What you need is an invasive survey. By invasive we mean lifting floorboards, removing skirting boards, drilling samples for moisture content, removing small amounts of plaster for salt analysis, checking drains, wall cavities etc. Although, on pre-purchase surveys this isn’t always feasible. It’s not as simple as prodding a wall with a moisture metre.

DAMPX Surveys

The first thing to note is we don’t employ salespeople. Our surveys are completed by salaried surveyors not on commission.

If you need a survey, give us a ring. One our surveyors will visit your property armed with various tools, devices, and cameras to find the root cause of your problem. We can then put together a clear report explaining our findings (If any), alongside our recommendations.

Comprehensive Surveys

If you are worried about a problem in your home, a damp survey could identify the extent of the problem and provide solutions. Our detailed and informative surveys, performed by experienced professional surveyors, are thorough inspections that provide our customers with a detailed view of any issues at their property. We do charge a fee for surveys relating to the purchase of a property.

Damp Survey Equipment

Our surveyors carry all the tools required to find the root cause of your damp problem. From thermal imaging cameras, best in class moisture meters, drain cameras, cavity cameras, you name it! However, the most important tools of them all; The surveyors’ eyes and experience. Knowing where to look and how to utilise the equipment is what really makes the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a report following a survey?
Please allow 48 hours. If you require the report ASAP, please make this known at the time of booking the survey.
How soon can you complete a survey?
We can typically visit your property within a week. We will always try to visit sooner if required.
Do you offer insurance backed guarantees?
All specialist work completed by DAMPX are covered by guarantees.
Can you collect keys for a survey?
We will always try our best to make the process as smooth as possible. If that means collecting keys, no problem.
You’ve given me a quote, how long is this valid for?
All quotes are valid for three months.

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