Timber Preservation

Timber is widely used in construction, but it is a vulnerable material that can suffer from problems. Dry rot, wet rot, woodworm and more can cause extensive damage to your property.

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Do you suspect a decay problem with the timbers within your property? Have identified woodworm, dry rot, or wet rot? Our surveyors can visit your property and complete a thorough, detailed inspection of your property. Using the latest in inspection and diagnostic equipment to get to the root cause of the problem. Specialist treatment will be required.

DAMPX timber treatments

The process starts with a survey of your property. Understanding it’s construction and identifying the source of the issue. Where required we will remove and replace timbers that are no longer fit for purpose. Specialist fungicides are applied to remaining timbers to protect against further infestation. The problem with timbers, is in large they’re hidden. Left to their own devices the issues can spread causing more severe damage over time.

Dry rot

Dry rot can only grow and continue its path of destruction if the wood that sustains it remains wet. Humid subfloors therefore provide the perfect environment for dry rot to grow. Untreated and left in the perfect environment, dry rot can cause extensive damage of structural timbers, skirting boards, window linings etc.

Wet rot

Wet rot is very common and can affect any wooden object that is allowed to become excessively wet for a period.

The spread of Wet rot is typically limited to areas of timbers that are in contact with excess water levels.

As with all fungi, identifying the source of moisture before deciding on methods of repair is essential.


Woodworm is the name commonly given to wood boring insects. Although it’s often associated with Common Furniture Beetle. Left unchecked, Woodworm can manifest into a more widespread issue leading to costly repairs. The most obvious sign that your timbers might be suffering with Woodworm especially Common Furniture Beetle is the very small 1-2mm holes on the surface of the timber. Again, the best means of prevention is to simply keep your timbers dry!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a report following a survey?
Please allow 48 hours. If you require the report ASAP, please make this known at the time of booking the survey.
How soon can you complete a survey?
We can typically visit your property within a week. We will always try to visit sooner if required.
Do you offer insurance backed guarantees?
All specialist work completed by DAMPX are covered by guarantees.
Can you collect keys for a survey?
We will always try our best to make the process as smooth as possible. If that means collecting keys, no problem.
You’ve given me a quote, how long is this valid for?
All quotes are valid for three months.

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